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About GSA


To produce exemplary members of society


Garden of the Sahaba Academy is committed to empowering students with sound Islamic principles and skills for high academic achievement in order to become productive citizens.


Our goals are of three folds:

•    Ensure that our students will develop an appreciation and an understanding of the Islamic faith, values and traditions by incorporating Islam in the curriculum
•    Seek and nurture outstanding Muslim faculty and staff who practice Islam
•    Maintain a safe, secure, clean and a nurturing Islamic environment
•    Teach and inculcate values and traditions


•    Provide clarity to teachers, parents and students on what knowledge and skills are required at each grade level.
•    Cultivate a climate of high expectations for students, parents and teachers in achieving a high standard of education
•    Seek and nurture faculty that work collaboratively to meet the needs of students and are engaged in continuous improvement of their professional practices
•    Provide a high standard of education
•    Evaluate students’ performance and provide timely feedback to parents


•    Commend strong moral character
•    Recognize and celebrate students and adults efforts, improvements and achievements
•    Honor commitments and accomplish them in a timely manner
•    Devote one’s self to the overall mission and have a positive impact on life
•    Become active in the local community
•    Work toward shared success and realize that we depend on each other
•    Develop community and leadership qualities


The Garden of the Sahaba Academy educational philosophy is based on its sound guiding principles which include recognition and value of the individuality of every student. We challenge each student to fulfill his or her full potential by educating the whole child. The emphasis is on student learning rather than teaching. Our philosophy is primarily based on instilling in each child the love of learning and linking it to the love of Allah and serving humanity by serving The Creator.