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Classroom Wishlist

  • If you click donate and pay for the item, it will be ordered and delivered to the classroom, OR
  • If you wish to buy any item independently (by going to a store directly or buying from an online supplier) please let the classroom teacher know so it can be removed from the Wishlist
  • Prices does not include shipping
  • Thank you and Jazakum Allah Khair (May Allah reward you for your help)

KG Donation – Any Amount


tabletTablets (total 4)



71X7s39KtKL._SL1024_KG – Tablet Covers  (total 4)



51t5URK+NaLKG – Screen Protector (total 4)


6168zoNJcFL._SL1001_KG – Stylus (total 29)



KG – Noise Canceling Headphones (total 29)




KG – Tablet Note Slim Covers (total 5)